START HERE! Welcome to CHAOSS Discourse!

Welcome to CHAOSS Discourse! We use Discourse as a way to preserve and facilitate longer asynchronous conversations about our community, our metrics and metrics models, our open source software and initiatives, and anything else CHAOSS-related. For more immediate communication or informal conversations, we recommend posting those in our Slack channels.

We aim to use tags and categories to organize our threads here. Our initial categories are:

  • Announcements (for, well, announcements)
  • CHAOSS Community (This holds general community conversations, newsletters, information for newcomers, mentorship, CHAOSScon, and any other community-wide topic.) CHAOSS Africa and CHAOSS Asia-Pacific are sub-categories under this.
  • Metrics, Metrics Models, and Working Groups (Use this category for all conversations about individual metrics, metrics models, and working group interactions.)
  • Software (This category is for conversations related to Augur, GrimoireLab, and internal CHAOSS software initiatives such as the newcomer Slack bot, or the Badging bot.)
  • Off-Topic (Do you have something random to share with your friends at CHAOSS, that doesn’t really fit in any other category? Start a conversation here!)
  • Site Feedback (Discussion about this site and the CHAOSS website and how we can improve them.)

Feel free to start a topic in the best category that aligns with the conversation and make sure to tag your post to help others find it.

Discourse is a new communication channel for CHAOSS (launching early 2023) and we greatly appreciate your feedback on how we can make this experience better for you. We encourage you to start a topic in the Site Feedback category if you have suggestions or feedback for the Discourse team. If you are new to Discourse, this is a great guide for new users.

Please also familiarize yourself with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and FAQ/Guidelines.

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