Project Managers Meeting Summary August 30, 2023

This was our first meeting. Yay!

This week we discussed:

  1. Completed:
  • Decided on GitHub Projects for our CHAOSS PM Tool of choice
  • Decided that each new CHAOSS subproject will have 2 PMs, a Technical Lead, and/or a Knowledge Lead. These will be Maintainers of the Repo in accordance with CHAOSS governance doc.
  • Next meeting will be Sept 20
  • Meeting cadence after that will be weekly, then switching to monthly once we are going
  1. In-Progress:
  • Creating a spreadsheet of all the CHAOSS sub projects
  • What we do with projects that are already established (ask them?)
  1. Items for next time:
  • GitHub Projects walk through/tutorial
  • Discussion about process for new sub-projects that arise

Minutes are here.
Recording is here.