Let's celebrate our CHAOTIC of the Week - Armstrong Foundjem!

This week, we celebrate Armstrong Foundjem!

A little about Armstrong:
Armstrong is a research engineer at DEEL (DEpendable and Explainable Learning) Project, working on the "Certifiability of safety-critical AI systems using learning algorithms.‘’ His research is in the intersection of software ecosystems sustainability, certifiability of deep learning models, and the trustworthiness of such systems, software engineering for machine learning applications, natural language understanding/processing — foundational and generative models, human-affects in software engineering, including unconscious biases, underrepresented groups, social network analysis, collaborative patterns across open-source communities. He also mines massive software repositories/datasets to uncover patterns and empirically make informed decisions on various topics.

What Armstrong works on at CHAOSS:
At CHAOSS, Armstrong migrated from evolution to common-wg, and he is more concerned about DEI-related works, driving research initiatives, and looking forward to collaborating with the newly formed data science-wg. He is in anything science :slight_smile:

Armstrong’s advice for newcomers to open source:
Concerning #newbies, Armstrong strongly encourages folks to bring in their unique skillset and talents while navigating wg on ways to contribute: “You have something to offer, and CHAOSS is too big for anyone single to handle.”

Special thanks from Elizabeth and the CHAOSS Community:
Armstrong has played a huge part in getting CHAOSS to where it is today. He consistently attends our Community and various working group meetings and always has an insightful and helpful perspective to add to the conversation. Armstrong has also been a panelist on several of our CHAOSScast episodes, sits on our Board of Directors, and always advocates for a scientific and research-based approach to our metric development. We are so grateful for Armstrong’s experience and voice in our community, and his attention to developing solid, high-quality metrics that can be relied upon and trusted. Thank you for all you’ve done and continue to do, Armstrong! We are so happy you’re here. :heart_eyes:

If you would like to connect with Armstrong, you can find him on LinkedIn.