:wave: Hi Chaotics! :wave:

Whether you’re new to the community or not, take a minute to introduce yourself in this thread!

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I’m Elizabeth, the CHAOSS Community Manager :wave: I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (go Bengals!) and I’m a Grandma :tada: (My granddaughter calls me Manka :joy:).

I have been in open source for a long time and I care a lot about diversity, equity, and inclusion. :heart:

When I’m not at the computer I’m out in the woods and meadows as a nature photographer. :camera_flash: :sunflower: :chipmunk:

I’m so grateful to be part of this community!

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Hi everyone :wave:

I’m Georg. My pronouns are he/him. My name is German for George and I like to joke that Germans removed the second “e” because of German efficiency. :sweat_smile: If you want to remember how to say my name, think of a big, mean orc with a pride flag (or picture this gay orc). :rainbow_flag::troll:

I’m originally from Germany and today live in Omaha, Nebraska, USA with my family.

I’m a co-founder of CHAOSS, co-author of our first metrics, co-host of our community podcast CHAOSScast, co-organizer of CHAOSScon, and board member.

When I’m not on the computer, I like to read fiction, play board games, and go hot air ballooning.


Hi everyone!

Matt Germonprez here. I’m a professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha and also one of the co-founders of the CHAOSS project.

I’m a daily runner with my dog, Stormy. He and I are just about to head out on our morning run!

Great to be part of this amazing community!!


Hi everyone!
Anurag Bhandari here. I’m a Computer Science Engineering student and a ML/AI/OSS enthusiast. I’m an active open source contributer at chaoss.
I love anime, music and sports.
Great to be part of this amazing community! :grin:


Hi all! I’m Josh, my pronouns are he/they, and I’m a community organizer, gardener, cat dad, and open source strategist based on Coast Miwok land in Petaluma, California :wave:

Currently I work at Tidelift as Sr. Principal Foundations Advocate and spend a lot of my free time volunteering for orgs like Petaluma Pride, The Union Place, and initiatives like the Public Health Pledge. I’m also former President of the Open Source Initiative, and have had the great fortune of transiting through the Open Source Programs Office at Google and Salesforce.

Grateful for this community’s work and delighted for the opportunity to help!


Hi Guys, I’m Dan. Python developer super interested in large language models, cyber security, risk advisory, open source, epidemiology and most importantly implementation of Big data against real world variables.

Excited to be sharing this space with all amazing chaotics


Hello everyone

Maryblessing Okolie here. My pronouns are she/her, born and currently living in Lagos, Nigeria.
I am a community architect and coordinator, I am also an opensource fan girl.

I love cats (not common in my place of origin :sweat_smile:). When I’m not reading, researching or doing community stuff I play games, CODM, watch movies or just listen to cool songs.

Safe to say CHAOSS is the only OS project I’m actively contributing to and currently, I’m the community’s tour guide person. So, just in case you’re struggling to find your way around stuff here, I am just a DM away.