Hosting a session on Getting Started with Open Source - what do you think?

@DanFeazUI and I were chatting on Slack this morning about folks who are super new to open source, and we think it would be super beneficial for some of our newcomers. It wouldn’t be a technical deep dive into the inner workings of Git, but basically how open source works and what the terminology means and the GitHub flow and things like that. What do you all think? Do you think this would be helpful?


I think this would be just great for newcomers to open source. We need every one to chime in on this let’s create the best onboarding session yet!

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100% on the idea. I think it would be nice to also include how CHAOSS plays a part in this. Helping people understand the health of the projects and events they care about.

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This will be helpful to first-time contributors.

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Here’s the link to an article I wrote on this topic a while back, incase anyone would need it.

PS: @Elizabeth said it was okay to post it.


Here is another resource that popped up in my email inbox today. A free, virtual event Register - Open Source 101 : Open Source 101

We talked about it at this week’s community meeting, and we think providing a list of resources might be more helpful for folks. That way it’s sustainable, it’s open for people to go through on their own time and at their own convenience, and not something that just happens once in a while. It’ll be there whenever they need it.

Maybe we could have a doc under our How to Contribute folder/knowledgebase, and then on our quickstart, we could point those who might be new to open source to that page.

I just submitted a blog idea that is inline with some of the beginner talk.
I’d be happy to contribute here in other ways as well.

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Awesome! Thank you so much @saracope!