DEI Working Group Meeting Summary, August 9, 2023

This week we discussed:

  1. Completed:
  • From last week - repo review is complete
  • CHAOSSweekly moving to CHAOSSmonthy. Will still do meeting summaries and CHAOTIC of the week
  • Might see Context WG Liaisons in this meeting for metric development
  • Discussion about using Zoom for CHAOSS calls will be happening in community meeting
  1. In-Progress:
  • Clarifying examples in
  • All Things Open tickets available - reach out to Elizabeth Barron if you want one!
  • New Badger orientation August 17
  • Utilizing community Project Managers to help organize Onboarding Courses; update on Moodle
  1. Deferred to next week:
  • Project Badging software updates

Meeting minutes are here.
Recording is here.