Creating New CHAOSS Metrics

Hi everyone,

As part of the CHAOSS project, we develop and publish new metrics. Traditionally, this has been done by individual working groups. For example, metrics associated with DEI would be developed in the DEI working group.

More recently, we have been developing metrics models (collections of metrics) that are meaningful in specific contexts. An example would be a metrics model called DEI Event Badging. This metrics model is a collection of individual DEI metrics that are helpful for event organizers.

As we now develop metrics models, there are times where we haven’t developed and published all of the underlying metrics for a metrics model. As an example here, in the most recent metrics model WG meeting, there were several metrics that need to be developed and published in support of the Community Service and Support Metrics Model. These include CI Build Time, Issue Comments, Change Request Age, and Event Count.

I’d really like to coordinate a group of people who can help (1) develop individual metrics as needed for metrics models, (2) bring the developed metric to a respective WG for feedback (i.e., bring any new DEI-related metric to the DEI WG for feedback), and (3) publish the metric.

If you are interested in helping develop and publish new metrics, please let me know on this thread. I’m hoping that we can simply coordinate and manage work asynchronously via Discourse.



Happy to be a part of and build this group! :tada:


I’d like to participate too!
How do we get started?

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Great! @Elizabeth and @Preshh0 – would you be able to join the Common WG meeting this week? I think we can start talking there :slight_smile:

Yes! I’ll be there :tada:


Hello folks, I just saw this message right now and I’d be interested in helping with this! The meetings are held at a very inconvenient time for me, however, I’d be happy to co-ordinate on this asynch.

Yes! Thanks everyone. We will use the Common meeting time to connect sync but we can also share and coordinate async. Really, the meeting is only one hour every two weeks so we can do the work largely async I think.

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Also, I’ve been going through the metrics on the website and there are inconsistencies in how they are displayed. I’d like to talk about some commonality in the metrics.