CHAOSScon 2023 - Brussels

Hi Chaotics!

This thread is for CHAOSScon in Brussels! Really looking forward to seeing everyone. In this thread, I’d first like to point you to the document that we are using to help guide the conversation. This document will show you (1) the questions being asked in the expert panel and (2) the structure for our two short breakout sessions.

As part of the breakout sessions, we are going to ask you to capture just a few (2-3) of the ideas that come from your group. The notes documents are available here:

Notes for Breakout Session 1

Notes for Breakout Session 2

Feel free to check out these documents but really nothing to do until CHAOSScon 2023!!

Thanks for being part of the CHAOSS Community :heart:

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Here are some follow up observations for next time!

  • We had 45 attendees in the morning session and about 30 for the afternoon software workshops
  • We are summarizing the notes from the breakout discussions and will share them with everyone
  • The venue was amazing, and we will try and use that venue again in the future if possible. Great views from the 8th floor!
  • As always, our swag was very popular
  • Next time we want to include a dedicated scribe to keep notes during the sessions that we can share with others

Here is a link to the recording of the panel: CHAOSSconEU 2023 - Panel Discussion about Using Open Source Health Metrics in Your Context - YouTube