CHAOSS Weekly Community Meeting Summary

This week we discussed:

  1. Completed:
  • New Board Members announced!
    • Anita Ihuman
    • Ruth Ikegah
    • Brian Proffitt
    • Kevin Lumbard
  • Reminder about CHAOSS metrics usage survey - ok to help promote this!
  • Reminder: New Badger Orientation August 17 at 9am US Central / 3 pm WAT :badger:
  • Reminder: Still have All Things Open tickets
  1. In-Progress
  • New Landscape project to help us map out CHAOSS software and projects
  • New #project-managers channel started to help us organize all CHAOSS projects.
  • OSSEU 2-hour block is available for CHAOSS to use for a workshop or discussion. What to do here?
  • Using Zoom in light of new AI policies (checking with LF to make sure we can opt-out)
  • Augur Visual Installer in the works - almost ready for public testing
  • Navigating through metrics on the website - guide or tutorial needed

Minutes are here.
Recording is here.