CHAOSS softwares

Hello Chaotics,

Do we have a demo video for both Augur and GrimoireLab? I wanted to see how both softwares work and are used

I’m not sure about a demo, but here is an introduction to GrimoireLab: Introduction to GrimoireLab and more ... - CHAOSS Beijing Meetup 08/07/2021 - YouTube (13 minutes)

Here’s a getting started with Augur video: Getting Started with Augur, November 14, 2022 - YouTube (1:36 hours)

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We have a more recent update to Augur. Installation is straightforward enough that several folks were able to get it running during our workshop at CHAOSSCON with no help. I’ll make an updated video.

Thank you @georglink for sharing

Oh. Can I follow up on the video later on? Not to put pressure but is this something you looking to do sooner? I have a talk about CHAOSS coming up this week and would love to talk about the softwares we use

I think we might have some slides that we can use. I think maybe @Germonprez was gathering some presentations / templates that might be useful for you as you prepare your talk!

I appreciate @geekygirldawn! I’ll check in with @Germonprez on that.

We do have a slide template (New). You can find it here:

I appreciate! @Germonprez

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