CHAOSS Africa Community Meeting July 13 2023

This week we discussed:

  1. Completed:
  • Welcome new members

  • Updates from the Design and Development Group

    • Design: Currently onboarding new designers and assigning tasks
    • Development: Augur call was on Tuesday; confirm from Sean if the meeting happened
      • General Developer calls every Tuesday at 10 am WAT
      • One-time call: Javascript and Devops developer call 14th July Friday, 4 pm WAT. The call will focus on all the websites and server projects in CHAOSS.
      • AI: Ruth will schedule the meeting
      • Check the CHAOSS calendar; CHAOSS Calendar - CHAOSS
  • CHAOSScon Africa talks are now available:

  1. In-progress:
  • Update CHAOSS Slack Bot
    • Precious and Ruth will open new issues.
  • Focus groups restructure
    • Leave the other two groups inactive for a while and look for people to lead and champion things there, and then we evaluate the progress after two quarters.
    • MaryBlessing wants to lead things in the community manager’s group
  • CHAOSS Africa Roadmap
    • What should we focus on this year?
      • Look beyond contributing to CHAOSS.
      • We should consider ways to educate more folks on metrics and DEI-related topics within the African ecosystem.
      • Organize more events and seminars on how to contribute effectively to open source.
      • Awareness and outreach
  • Upcoming Program: All In Africa

Meeting minutes are here.
Recording is here.