Bringing Health and Safety into DEI efforts

Hello wonderful people! I’m a long time lurker and admirer of CHAOSS’s work, and was delighted to jump into the fray starting today with the DEI event badging, DEI, and newcomers meetings.

I wear many hats, and among them is the author of the new-ish Public Health Pledge, an effort inspired by Code of Conduct pledge, to encourage better event organizing. I’m looking to help people understand that Health and Safety policies are an extension of Codes of Conduct, and the throughline is that they all make events safer and more inclusive.

While the pledge itself is about influence, it doesn’t stand on its own. Just this week we launched the first edition of our Event Badging Standard (v2023-01) and we are working on an Organizer Guide to help community and event organizers navigate logistics, tradeoffs, and messaging.

It was a joy to connect with the DEI event badging WG and the DEI metrics WG earlier today, and I’m looking forward to working together! My next steps are to put together the draft metric doc for consideration at the next meeting.

If anyone has any questions, concerns, ideas, or feedback, I’d love to hear from you!


Sorry I missed the calls today @joshsimmons – happy to help answer any questions you might have in creating a draft metric.

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It was awesome having you on the calls today, @joshsimmons! Really looking forward to integrating your work with the DEI event badging process :heart:

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Thank you both @Elizabeth and @Germonprez! I’ve made a start on the draft metric, drawing heavily from the Event Accessibility metric as an example of something that’s already approved.

I’m looking forward to learning more about the nature of the Filters and Visualizations sections, but the rest feels pretty intuitive so far! That said, I’m open to being wrong as I often am, so please don’t hesitate to offer feedback and course corrections on any part of the draft :heart:

(Edit: apologies for misfire and repost, still clearly getting the hang of Discourse :sweat_smile:)


Thanks @joshsimmons – the metric reads great! I made a few very minor suggestions. @Elizabeth might have a few more ideas.

→ Discourse is new to me too. So far so good.

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Awesome work Josh! I will take a closer look at this in the next few days. Thanks again for your hard work here! :tada:

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Yessss, thank you both so much! I’ll make another pass over the weekend or early next week to pull together some references.

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Thank you @georglink for all the fantastic comments and suggestions! This is shaping up really nicely. I’ll take another pass on the doc before the next meeting.

Meanwhile, I’m also making headway on standing up the PHPledge badging process itself – mirroring process and tools as much as possible – which should make the work of CHAOSS badgers evaluating an event for this metric a lil bit easier.


OK, I’m due to make one more pass on the doc before Wednesday, but wanted to follow up with another update:

We’ve soft launched the PHPledge badging process and are kicking the tires with our first submission, OpenInfra Summit Vancouver. All that lives in the GitHub repo and feedback is very welcome if folks have the cycles to take a look.

Unfortunately I have a conflict with this week’s DEI WG meeting but I should be able to make the DEI badging WG meeting earlier that morning.

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@joshsimmons : How do you suggest we relate CHAOSS public health components with the PHPledge site?

If I recall our synchronous conversations correctly, the idea is that the PHPledge badging results for an event can be an input for badgers assessing a submission.

It’s not strictly necessary, as an event could just reference their own documentation on their website, but for any event that has gone through PHPledge badging already it just saves some effort.

Of course, I’m effectively a new contributor and don’t know what I don’t know, so I’m very open to suggestion on the collective approach here :grinning:

Hi everyone! I think that this is complete – with the release of the PHPledge metric. Well, it’s not released yet but in today’s DEI call, we were in agreement that it is ready for release. With this is it okay to close this thread?

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That’s wonderful news, thank you! I support closing the thread and moving forward :white_check_mark:

Hi! This metric has now been published to the site. Thanks again for all your hard work on this, everyone! (Especially you, @joshsimmons, for bringing this up! :heart: )


AHHHH happiest of Fridays! Thank you all so much for your work in building this initiative in the first place. This is really meaningful work, and I’m thrilled we’ve rolled in public health <3

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